Executive Speechwriting and Support

Great speeches set you apart. Speeches are wonderful opportunities to inspire and personally engage with your audience.  They put a human face on your organization, enabling you to build relationships and demonstrate leadership, whether you seek to inform, persuade, educate, sell or motivate.

Great speeches, however, are typically not written overnight.  You need to research and write a speech that earns the interest and respect of your audience.  You need to develop the topic, content, key messages and call to action.  You need to ensure the right tone and style.  And you need to practice, practice, practice.   

Kate Communications can help you succeed, bringing more than 15 years of speechwriting experience and support to the table.  You can count on:

  • Clear and compelling speeches that are authentic, memorable and credible.
  • Personal coaching to improve presentation skills and confidence.
  • Support materials like event briefs, backgrounders and message maps.
  • Advance promotion, using traditional and social media to maximize visibility.
  • Experience across venues and audiences. 

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