Katie Howison, who holds an honors degree in Communication Arts and Sciences from Michigan State University, started serving clients across Michigan at the former Bradford-LaRiviere, a leading creative arts agency.  She formed Kate Communications in 1990, partnering with a wide range of global clients to drive business results and earning a reputation for expert strategic counsel and implementation.  By 2005, her team featured 10 employees and contractors committed to customer success.   

Fortune 40

In 2006, Katie -- always one to expand her experience, accepted an offer to join a major Fortune 40 company as senior leader of executive communications.  In this role, Katie actively led or contributed to communications programs related to reputation-building, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As), joint ventures (JVs), employee communications, leadership communications, change management, crisis communications, government relations and community relations.  Activities ranged from CEO speechwriting and executive coaching to preparing materials for press events, board meetings and town hall sessions.

Katie also supported the company's global Manufacturing & Engineering function, managing employee communications and media relations, reinforcing a safety mindset, and contributing to leaner operating models.  She developed and implemented comprehensive communications strategies, including change communications related to functional restructuring and M&As.

Added Value

In 2009, Katie relaunched Kate Communications, bringing a unique combination of agency and corporate experience to the table.  Clients also benefit from the following breadth of knowledge:

  • Flexibility across functions, from sales and marketing to research and development
  • Versatility across topics, from energy and manufacturing to sustainability
  • Agility across markets, from chemicals and plastics to health care and non-profits
  • Adaptability across cultures, from the U.S. to China, and from CEOs to operators

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Flexibility across functions, including Sales and Marketing; Public Affairs (internal and external); Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S); Sustainability; Manufacturing; Engineering; Government Affairs; Legal; Human Resources; Research & Development; New Business Development; Technical Service; Customer Service; Strategic Planning & Development; Investor Relations; Ethics & Compliance; Purchasing; and Finance.


Versatile across many topics.  Subject matter strengths include energy and climate change; sustainable development; safety; manufacturing and engineering; health care; mergers and acquisitions; joint ventures; Six Sigma; leadership development; employee training and development; change communications, intellectual property protection, and ethics and compliance.


Agility across markets and industries, including chemicals, plastics, silicones, sports management, energy, climate change, education, health care, packaging, electronics, transportation, construction, landscaping, cultural centers, hospitality, non-profits and more.

Adaptable to the changing needs of clients across geographies and organizational levels.  Experienced across cultures including North America, Latin America, Europe, China, India and Russia.  Conversant across all levels of the organization, interacting with CEOs, executives, office professionals and operators with equal ease and success.

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