Reputation - Speech Samples

Below is a selection of external speeches (keynote and otherwise) across topics.

U.S. Manufacturing

  • ¡Restoring Competitive Advantage to U.S. Manufacturing, American Forest & Paper Association, Julie Fasone Holder, Palm Beach, Florida


  • ¡Clean Water Opportunities & Challenges, Green India Summit, U.S.-India Business Council, Mike Gambrell, Washington, D.C.
  • Providing Sustainable Solutions to Society, China Petrochemicals Focus 2008, Mike Gambrell, Beijing, China
  • Making a Difference, Saudi Energy Forum, Mike Gambrell, Saudi Arabia
  • Technology Innovation & Sustainability, HPPO Groundbreaking Ceremony, Andrew N. Liveris, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Advanced Water Solutions, FilmTec Facility Expansion, Andrew N. Liveris, Minneapolis, MN

Emerging Markets

  • ¡Emerging Markets: Three Ways to Mitigate Risk, Economist Summit, Mike Gambrell, London, England
  • Petrochemicals Industry: Carrying the Banner for Economic Progress, Middle East Petrotech 2008, Mike Gambrell, Bahrain
  • The Middle East: A Promising Future – Drivers of Success, 20th Annual Young & Partners Senior Executive Conference, Mike Gambrell, New York City


  • ¡Products Created Through Chemistry, European Petrochemical Association Meeting, Theo Walthie
  • European Direction, Dilemmas, and Challenges, Accenture Energy Advisory Board, Theo Walthie, London, England
  • Global Opportunities and Challenges in the Petrochemical Business, 8th Annual ASCOPE Conference, Bill Jewell

Annual Meetings

  • ¡Report of the Chief Executive Officer, The Dow Chemical Company’s 110th Annual Meeting, Andrew N. Liveris, Midland, MI

Ethics & Compliance

  • ¡The Key to Respect, Ethics & Compliance Conference, Andrew N. Liveris, New York City

Health Care

  • ¡The Global Business Imperative: Sustainable Solutions for Prevention and Quality, World Health Care Congress, Andrew N. Liveris, Washington, D.C.
  • Investing for Health: A Powerful Prescription for Competitive Advantage
  • Siemens 25th Annual Health Executives Forum, Andrew N. Liveris, Scottsdale, AZ


  • ¡The Power of Regionalism: Bringing Jobs and Prosperity to Mid-Michigan, Bay Area Community Foundation, Andrew N. Liveris, Bay City, MI
  • A Renewed Spirit, Michigan Operations Rededication Event, Andrew N. Liveris, Midland, MI
  • The Passion of Life, Northwood University Commencement Speech, Andrew N. Liveris, Midland, MI

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