Vision & Values

Kate Communications has a vision to become a respected, cost-effective leader in strategic communications planning, speechwriting and copywriting, with a reputation for quality, reliability and personal service.

People & Integrity

Kate Communications is focused on contracting highly experienced and ethical people who demonstrate outstanding moral integrity and accountability for their actions, and who maintain the confidentiality and secrecy requirements of our customers.   We are a learning organization, committed to staying on top of new communications approaches such as social media that can help customers succeed.


Kate Communications strives to deliver high-quality services to our customers, from planning, management, writing and editing to creative, production and account services.   We carefully listen to customers to understand their needs, and work as a team to deliver on those needs within the required budget and timeframe.  Projects are professionally prepared and undergo internal quality checks prior to final approval.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Kate Communications, which seeks to provide the most perfect product within client budget constraints.  We believe in establishing and growing long-term business relationships that benefit all parties – the customer, the customer’s customers and Kate Communications.  We maintain an open line of communications with customers to immediately resolve any concerns, and to continuously improve service.


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